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 How to make Crosshair

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PostSubject: How to make Crosshair   Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:39 pm


In this pro thread I am going to teach you how to make, add or use custom crosshairs.

For this tutorial you need the following programs:

- Photoshop/Gimp
- Brains

How to make custom crosshairs:

Step 1 - Open up Photoshop, press file > new and make it 30x30 pixel with a transparent background:

Step 2 - Look at the navigation menu and zoom in to 800%. After you stretch the winodow out so you have a better view:

Step 3 - Take the pencil tool and draw your crosshair, zoom out to 100% to see how it will look like:

Step 4 - Save your crosshair as crosshair.png (save your crosshair in the CUSTOM/CROSSHAIR folder from your client.)

Step 5 - Open your crosshair again and now make it another color ( if you aim on someone ). This can be easily done by pressing right click on the layer and select blending options and then go Color Overlay:

Step 6 - Press File > Save as and save it as Crosshair_pick.png (also save this one in the CUSTOM/CROSSHAIR client).

You are finished!

How to add custom crosshairs to gunz:

Step 1 - Open up the folder where you saved your crosshair ( for example: My Documents )

Step 2 - In the folder you should have 2 pictures of your crosshair. Copy those 2 pictures.

Step 3 - Go to the gunz folder ( for example: C:\Program Files\Elitegunz)

Step 4 - You should see the folder "CUSTOM" double click it and open the folder "CROSSHAIR", if not create the folders.

Step 5 - Paste the 2 pictures of your crosshair into the "CROSSHAIR" folder.

Step 6 - Double check at the names you gave to the pictures. Names must be Crosshair for unaimed and Crosshair_pick for aimed.

How to use custom crosshairs:

Step 1 - Start the gunz, when you are logged in press the Option button.

Step 2 - Press "MISC" and you will see crosshair types.

Step 3 - From the types you choose the one that is called "CUSTOM"

Step 4 - Go in any room and enjoy your crosshair.

*Have Fun!*
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How to make Crosshair
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