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 How to Fix Agent Error

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PostSubject: How to Fix Agent Error   Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:29 pm

Since some of you guys having trouble with agent error. you came to the right thread
*do this on ur own risk*

0 ping and 999 ping Agent error

Possible solutions

=>Port Forwarding
go to http://portforward.com/english/appli.../GunZindex.htm Scroll down and select your router. Then simply follow the directions that they have for you.

=>Turn off firewall
(for windows xp users) click Start=>Control panel=>Windows firewall=>Select off and click OK (don't worry about the warnings for now)

=>Check your Internet Connection if it's blocking or downloading/sharing. This may lead to high lag and Agent Error.

=>When in game don't stay in the waiting room for a long time or this would lead to Agent Error. To fix, leave to the lobby. Not waiting room, the lobby.

=>If you still kept leaving and there is only 1 person. Chances are that they are far away or don't got a good connection. Just whisper to them and say to leave and come back. Lobby.

=>Change ports
I seen a lot of these so heres one: To change ingame ports, go into Gunz, log in, select your character and click on OPTIONS at the top right of your Gunz screen.
-Click on MISC
-Change the ports from 7800~7900 to 4800~4900 or to 1 ~ 9999 or to 1 ~ 999999.
-Click OK, and Gunz should prompt you to confirm change ports and restart Gunz so the new ports can take effect
-Restart Gunz and Agent Errors shouldn't be there now

=>And IF the above methods don't work, here's some FURTHER steps to solve
A. the Agent Error for ALL the players
B. only some Agent Error for some players

1) If you have played in some games, restart Gunz first, if not, ignore this step.
2) Log in, select your character.
3) Enter a DEATHMATCH and wait till you see all the Agent : Not Available before leaving the DEATHMATCH.
4) Repeat step 3.
5) Enter a TEAM DEATHMATCH and wait till you see all the Agent : Not Available before leaving the TEAM DEATHMATCH.
6) Repeat step 5.
7) Create your own room, and perform Massive Strike, a bit of slashing (basically, just stay in the room for a minute or two and practice your moves)
Enter your preferred game room and START PLAYING.
9) If these steps doesn't work, you might want to try this steps all over again, starting from step 1.

=>WiFi Scan
Whats a Wi-Fi scan?

1. It checks for weak points of your router, internet, anything that has to do with connections, and it fixes it(Depends on your OS).


Note: you need a wireless adapter to get this scan to work. Active X control(not all computers has active X) will ask you if you want to run the program, let the program run.

It will quickly search, and after its done, it will give you all these details about weak points of your router, or internet connections.

Here is the link...

McAfee – Computer Anti-Virus Software and Internet Security For Your PC

PS- YOU MUST HAVE IE(internet explorer) TO DO THIS

=> Use port triggering

Download/ Buy
PortForward.com - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

Configure your router to use Port Triggering, more help can be found on the site. Also you don't need a static IP address, and possibly more than 1 person can play on the same router.

DMZ are all about routers and DSL modems, you need to know your static IP for this option to work.

Where's is my Static IP??

1. Press Start on your desktop
2. Look for a program called Run...
3. type in command.
4. type in ipconfig/all
5. look for IP, and that should be the Static IP, Ex.
6. to exit command, type exit


If you have a router, go to your Internet, and type in your router's Ip with Http://
IF your router is in default(linksys), it should be Http://

Then, it will ask you for password and username, if you don't know, contact your ISP. Easy way is restart your router(Do it in your own risk).

Default password and username is..

Username: Admin
Password: Admin


Password: admin

Note: you must be logged as administrator.

Once you got in, it will give you all these configurations of your router.

Look for DMZ, it should always show in the port forwarding menu.

You activate your DMZ, and put in your Static IP.

Note: this will not be safe, if surfing on the Internet.

After your done, your router will allow everything in your computer including malwares, hackers, worms, trojans, and so on. make sure u have an up to date antivirus and firewall. It will not be safe if your computer is not up to date, also you are more protected if your DMZ is off.
ffice XP The Global IME don't have this problem because the languages are already installed.

Credit from Natzhi
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How to Fix Agent Error
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